We are a Trusted Technology Partner for Debt Collection Agencies

We are trusted technology partner for many debt-collection agencies in the Nordics. Our solutions support you to expand your service offering with AI based automatic payment reminders which fast-tracks the collection process.

It significantly improves the overall accounts receivables cycle services for your volume collection clientele – resulting in higher customer retention and profit through automation, as well as higher margins and competitive edge against competitors. 

Boosting your payment reminder service with multichannel debtor communications, including automated robocalls and AI driven optimization, allows you to offer ground breaking service to your valuable major collection accounts.

Partnering benefits for debt collection agencies and credit management companies

Increase revenue per customer and lower customer churn

  • Expand your range of services to automatic payment reminder calls and improve your customer retention.

Higher margins / profit through automation

  • Streamline your operations by automating labour intensive reminder and collection calls and other debtor messages, by reaching out more effectively and lowering DSO remarkably.

Competitive advantage for selling your services

  • Offer the first-stage payment reminder for receivables management at a very cost-effective rate.

  • Stand out with a modern and competitive range of services.

Higher margins & profits as co-operation grows

  • Pricing model that increases your profit.

White-label model – service provided under your brand if you wish

  • Client reporting and system integrations

  • Secure your client retention on your valuable volume customers.

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