Learn by doing inspiring work

Ontime is on a mission to revolutionise customer communication for thoughtful and strategic business goals. Here you’ll have to opportunity to be working with enterprise class business process automation, robotics, SaaS business models, multiple industry specific cases, along with a team of talented, growth-focused individuals.

So, make a smart career move into the world of innovative mobile communications.


What you can expect from us

Remote-first principle – accompanied with Offices in the Best locations

We are headquartered in Google Meet. We meet online both daily and weekly. For those of us, who appreciate dedicated working spaces and face-to-face communications with colleagues and customers, we have delightful offices in the best locations, in Helsinki & Jyväskylä.

Job roles, as well as people, differ from each other: we value everyone’s different needs for interaction and calm. That’s why we have chosen the flexible approach being remote-first and having also offices with a relaxed atmosphere in great locations for hybrid work.

Constant Strive for Meaningful work

Operating in the automation industry, it goes without saying that we like to make our daily work more meaningful, easy, and smooth as possible by automating routines and using cutting-edge tools and software. We are interested in digitisation, both at work and in our free time.

We rather put our energy into more meaningful tasks and create results. Meeting clients and seeing how our solutions revolutionise their work-life and results makes our work worthwhile. Workmates play a big part in making work feel meaningful. We always hire the person before the CV. And as we appreciate diversity, you can feel free to be yourself

International in practice – primary language English

The everyday working environment is international, including the working language being English.
We welcome and love to have colleagues from different backgrounds and cultures.

Competitive pay – with no glass roofs for even Higher Income

This is not our first rodeo so we can allow ourselves to offer competitive pay. But, we also think great results should be rewarded accordingly.

Therefore, we have the tools and the willingness to build additional bonus systems and partner paths for those who want. It is your ambition that sets the limits.

The balance between Work & Personal life

Some of us have families, others are singles who love to travel. Whatever the circumstances, we want to ensure a healthy balance between work and free time – because we get how important it is.

Genuine support

We like to help, aid, listen and encourage. We appreciate humour and want to make sure that everyone is doing well. Learning from (and about) each other is important. We know that the only way to succeed is through teamwork. This is our vision of an honest and transparent style of leadership and the yardstick against which all of our operations are measured.

...and the cherry on the top:


Guaranteed increase of your Employee Value

Boosting your career trajectory with combined experience from automation, robotics, SaaS business models, and growth-focused start-up mentality will guaranteed increase your employee value.

Additionally, each of us has a plan and a budget for learning and personal development that supports your growth.


Our Story

Building More Than Just a Better Platform

Our story began in 2013, when one of our founders needed to conduct a poll for an NGO he was involved with...

Who is Backing Us?

Every Startup needs strong supporting forces. Get introduced to ours.


Ali Omar

Finnish Business Angels Network board member, a technology freak

  • An investor in 30 start-up companies that mainly focus on B2B SaaS business operations
  • Finnish Business Angel of the Year 2019
  • Former Deputy CEO of MedGroup, one of the fastest-growing healthcare companies in Finland

“Ali provides us with top expertise and experience in the management of rapidly expanding business operations. We also acquired a vast amount of industry-specific expertise for B2B SaaS business operations and in the healthcare sector, experience in the arrangement of funding required for growth, as well as direct contacts to major Finnish capital investors.” Teemu Valkonen, CEO, Ontime.


Lennu Keinänen

an investor, an influencer, and a serial entrepreneur

  • Paytrail founder and a pioneer in online payment solutions
  • Woimet and Flashnode CEO
  • An investor in disruptive B2B SaaS companies on a growth track
  • Head of jury in Kasvu Open, a coaching and acceleration programme for growth companies
“Results gained through a practical approach, disruptive technology, and a huge potential market on a global level were the main reasons why Lennu decided to come aboard and support our growth at On-Time.” Teemu Valkonen, CEO, Ontime

Vesa Lehtinen

Chairman of the Board

  • Board member professional and an experienced, practical angel investor with a portfolio divested in mainly IT, health, clean tech and food tech
  • Co-founder of six companies
  • Over 25 years of experience in serial entrepreneurship and business

“With his wide social network and quick wit for business opportunities, Vesa can see the big picture almost instantly, and how practical difficulties can be solved fast.” Teemu Valkonen, CEO, Ontime

kati rauhaniemi

Kati Rauhaniemi

CEO & Business Coach, Angel investor, Board member professional.

  • According to Talouselämä magazine, one of the 35 stars of the business world; the promising young entrepreneurs in Finland.

  • Founder of Dot Design, listed as one of the most successful businesses in Central Finland, and the most successful in its domain

"Kati offers strong expertise in creating and executing brand and marketing communication strategies for BtoB and BtoC businesses, productizing new services." Teemu Valkonen, CEO, Ontime

Gorilla Capital is a professional, registered alternative fund that has already invested in more than 100 companies in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Denmark. Gorilla's investments are typically companies and teams that focus on passion and skill in understanding a customer's real problem and build a healthy business capital-efficiently.

Our Code of Conduct

A new industry, especially one of our communication channels call-robotics includes some aspects to which the standards of other sectors cannot be directly applied. What we do is closely linked to factors associated with privacy, personal data protection, information security, and ethical considerations. Often, our operations include a conversation about questions like customer experience and reputation. As pioneers of change, we carry a responsibility for taking these issues into account and thinking about what kind of society we want to build for future generations.