Switch to Paperless Billing


Are you considering to go paperless?

Build a high-performing multichannel campaign to convert your customers to eco-friendly e-invoicing


Customer Results


30-50% conversion to e-invoicing

Proven high conversion rate guarantees a positive ROI

85% savings per invoice

Reduce high cost of print and delivery of paper invoices

Eco-friendly Services

Make a sustainable choice by switching to paperless billing


How to encourage customers to switch to e-invoicing?

Do you still waste your resources sending paper invoices? Is your company struggling to promote the use of e-invoicing to customers? 


Converting customers to e-invoicing succeeds when communication is as easy as possible. On-time's multichannel communication platform helps to reach and activate your customers anytime, anywhere thoughtfully and non-intrusively via mobile native channels like phone calls and SMS messages.


Automation combines and schedules contacts efficiently so the results are never dependant only on one single contact. In addition it can implement frictionless ways to analyse and react to the willingness to start receiving e-invoices.


Fast implementation 

Pre-requisite: Customer telephone numbers
Plan campaigns with On-Time service experts
Ontime designs, drafts, records customer message content, incl. for natural speech automatic calls
Mobile native omni-channel campaign implemented
Reporting and results shared with the client

Quick Benefits 

 Reach customers quickly & efficiently via mobile
Combination of timely and targeted SMS and automatic voice calls promote seamless activation
 Guaranteed approval from customer to switch billing
 Encourage conversion to any digital payment method
 Cost effective and customer friendly, no need for marketing bulletins

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Fast-track customer e-invoice activation with automated solutions

Discover the multiple benefits of going paperless by implementing a seamless omni-channel communications process which encourages customers to switch non-intrusively