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The Future of Research

As data is becoming more and more relevant for all business. Companies are constantly exploring new tools to generate consumer, public or market insights.

Traditional data collection methods are time consuming and expensive. Automation helps to accelerate the process cost-effectively.

On-time's mobile friendly automated communication solutions can deliver results at a fraction of the cost and fast with 18 000 calls/hour and almost 3 million calls and messages/month, so your team can focus on planning and analysis and capitalise on the best insights.

Customer Benefits


Stay Competitive

Automation is the future of data collection. Invest in modern tools to ensure that your research teams stay competitive in the transforming industry.


Amplify Reach & Growth

Our cost-efficient solution reaches thousands of contacts within minutes and saves time for your staff for planning, strategising and analysing results.


Make informed decision

With AI powered automation you are better equipped to design your research, understand subjects and get accurate data which supports in decision making.


60% avg. Response Rate

Ensure positive ROI with automated calls as it avoids possible human conflicts and negative experiences promoting fast and seamless research potential.

Trusted by Noteworthy Public Sector Organisations in Nordics

Best Use-Cases

Member Surveys

Reach an entire membership-base fast. Enable effortless participation and ensure the most reliable results.

Research Interviews

Automation handles research interviews with unprecedented efficiency and neutrality, so that people can focus on analysis.


Automate NPS (Net Promoter Score) or customer satisfaction surveys so your team can focus on analysis

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Case Stories

Sitra: On-Time surveys wellbeing of Riihimäki citizens

Sitra: On-Time surveys wellbeing of Riihimäki citizens

Sitra with support of On-time conducted surveys in Riihimäki to monitor and map the well-being and thoughts of city's residents using a ca...

Resource Center


Voice of the Customer: Benefits and Data Collection Methods

Voice of the Customer: Benefits and Data Collection Methods

Discover the benefits of utilizing voice of the customer data and get a quick overview on how to collect the VOC data from your customers

6 Tips for launching a successful automated phone survey

6 Tips for launching a successful automated phone survey

Are you still conducting manual research calls and e-surveys? Check out the 6 steps for launching an automated phone survey and switch to m...

The Future of Research Automation and its Benefits

The Future of Research Automation and its Benefits

Discover the benefits of research automation and explore modern solutions to stay one step ahead of the transformations in this industry.


Explore the power of automated communication for research

Accelerate your research activities cost-effectively with modern solutions in any language you desire!