Our Story

Building More Than Just a Better Platform

On-time a technology company that automates mobile communications for multiple business use-cases. Our platform supports in reaching, engaging and activating your clients, contacts or customers via mobile-friendly channels like calls and SMS. The software offers a cloud-based, no-code, agile platform, that helps to build communication campaigns fast and easily.


Our story began in 2013, when one of our founders Pasi Matilainen needed to conduct a poll for an NGO he was involved with. As the pricing for the poll was completely outrageous for a small organisation, Pasi decided to design and code a robocall platform by himself.

The poll was conducted successfully and Pasi continued to develop the platform as a nighttime hobby.

Cut to 2017 – Pasi and our current CEO Teemu Valkonen decided to form a partnership to establish this platform into a brand which wants to help businesses by solving the problem of mass communication through a smarter automation channel like mobile-friendly robotisation.

The purpose of the brand was to promote the better side of robotisation with all its beneficial use-cases when it comes to communication automation. Hence, the platform took a positive direction with the name On-Time Research Solutions and it became more than a robocaller – a versatile mobile communication platform.


In 2019 Teemu stepped in as full-time CEO, and Jon-Erik Talvio and Matias Nygard started in the company working in the customer interface.

Comprehensive testing began with over 50 different use-cases analysed, utilising the data from the last one million calls the platform had conducted. In 2020, we gained good experience and knowledge on who, when and how to contact for the best possible results.


Currently On-Time has a constantly growing client base of prominent organisations and businesses operating in Finland and Scandinavia. Our platform is evolving as our business is growing, to cater the needs of our clients.

We are also deeply involved in establishing the ethical and legal guidelines of the blooming robocall industry, and ensuring that the common operating model is sustainable.

On-Time is driven by a genuine desire to help our clients grow and to contribute in making the world a better place. Our story has just begun!


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