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Tradenomit: Automated Calls Convert Customers from Paper to E-invoices

Read more to know how Ontime helped Tradenomit (Professionals of Business and Technology) to offer its members a modern way of paying their fees


Mar 14, 2022

The campaign included robocalls to those members who receive paper invoices for their membership fees, asking if they would consider switching to a more modern, faster and eco-friendlier option, a MobilePay invoice or an e-invoice.

“We want to be member-friendly pioneers of the whole industry – which is why we actively offer our customers opportunities to take advantage of the electronic services of the 2020s,” says Tomi Kouva, Customer Experience Director, Professionals of Business and Technology.

Further measures related to the campaign were also automated. The change of invoicing method for those who had chosen MobilePay invoices was performed automatically by running the result reports through the invoicing system. Those who had selected e-invoices, on the other hand, received an SMS message directly after the call with instructions on how to request an e-invoice via an online bank. Those who had opted for a paper invoice were reminded of the invoicing fee based on the invoicing frequency. They were then once again offered the option to switch to e-invoicing.

At the end of the call, the member was offered the opportunity to submit a contact request to a customer service advisor. This way, if the member was feeling uncertain or if something unexpected happened, Professionals of Business and Technology would be able to get in touch with the member and provide them with personal assistance.

“Our collaboration with On-Time and MobilePay has been everything we wanted it to be. Extremely smooth and straightforward, it has exceeded all of our expectations in terms of results,” says Aleksi Rankka, Project Manager, Professionals of Business and Technology.

The results for a sample of +10,000 recipients were extremely convincing:

  • Approx. 67% of the targeted persons were contacted
  • 50% switched to electronic invoicing
  • Nearly 70% of them chose MobilePay as a payment method

“’When it comes to the ‘Would you like to switch to e-invoicing’ calls, the normal conversion ratio is about 20–30%. When we added MobilePay as a payment option, the conversion rate increased to roughly 50%. On-Time’s technology is a tremendously cost-effective way of converting paper invoices to electronic invoices,” emphasises Jon-Erik Talvio, Chief Growth Officer, On-Time

The duration of the campaign was two weeks. During this time, MobilePay payments especially were advertised both via Professionals of Business and Technology’s social media channels and email. All in all, nearly 5,000 members switched to electronic invoicing over the course of the campaign.

“For consumers, MobilePay provides an extremely fast and easy way to pay invoices. MobilePay is also a good option for the invoicing party because it helps to cut the invoicing costs. What’s more, it improves the cash turnover rate and balancing. Finally, using a digital invoice with the MobilePay app instead of printed invoices is an ecological act,” summarises Noona Puusniekka, acting CEO, MobilePay Finland

This article was conducted in collaboration with Professionals of Business and Technology and MobilePay.

Choose MobilePay for the faster payment of your invoices – all it takes is one swipe. MobilePay also makes it easy to send and receive money and make payments in thousands of online stores and shops. MobilePay is free-of-charge for all bank customers. It is already used by more than 1.6 million Finns.

Professionals of Business and Technology
We are a forward-looking organisation working towards the best working life and know-how in the world. Our strength comes from the diverse range of skills of our members. We are what our members need in different career situations: a stimulator of student or working life, a mentor, a manager and, if necessary, even a defender. The way we act and communicate is down-to-earth, ambitious and always with a twinkle in the eye. Just like our members. Our umbrella organisation is Akava, and our community has nearly 33,000 members.


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