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Partiolaiset: Calling Robots helped Scouts switch to E-invoicing

Finnish Scouts wanted to convert members from paper to e-invoice. Read more to know how Ontime supported them in the process.


Apr 10, 2022


Be prepared is the Scout motto: it also applies to the readiness to introduce new technologies such as automatic communication. When MobilePay (A Finnish Mobile Payment Application) offered Partiolaiset, the Finnish Scouts organisation, the option to switch to paying membership fees electronically, the On-Time call robot helped with the implementation.

Respect for nature is an important part of the scout values. Accordingly, MobilePay‘s campaign to introduce electronic invoices suited just right for the Finnish Scouts. As a result, the organization not only saved a substantial sum by ditching paper invoices, but it also saved paper and nature reserves.

The campaign was implemented on On-Time’s mobile communications platform. The company designed a short and effective script to clearly instruct the call recipient on how to implement electronic invoicing. Call frequency was based on data previously collected from a similar target group.

“MobilePay and On-Time helped us operate in line with Scouts’ core values. We now save significant sums in billing membership fees. I couldn’t be happier with the campaign, it worked out at every level”
– Ville Jokinen, Member Management Coordinator, Partio
Less waste, more savings


Professional voice actress Tiina acted as the voice of the campaign. Her brisk and energetic tone of voice evoked pleasant connotations in the recipients.

The robotic calls were indeed efficient, with 31.6 percent of the members (or their guardians ) reached – wanting to switch from a paper invoice to an electronic one. Considering that the call robot only called a single recipient two times at maximum, the result was excellent.

Sending an electronic invoice is about 85% cheaper than sending a traditional paper invoice.

As Partio invoices its members on a regular basis, the organisation’s savings are substantial. In addition, the reduced amount of waste paper helps scouts to be more environmentally friendly and protect the climate. This is perfectly aligned with the scout’s core values.

“It is great that the Scouts introduced a modern payment method to pay one’s invoices and at the same time, they made good for the environment. As a partner, On-Time carried out the automated calling campaign in an exemplary manner and had a good understanding of the needs, practices, and values ​​of both our company and the scouts. The campaign caused a great deal of good to everyone involved.”

- Perttu Kröger, CEO, MobilePay Finland

Once again, On-Time proved that, in addition to technology, the human aspect must always be taken into account in automatic communication. A well-designed message and a voice that appeals to the recipients.

“In addition to being able to provide a superior functional and efficient platform for automated communication, our expertise also includes designing effective call messages and finding the right voices. In the case of Partio and MobilePay, these added great value for the customer'' – Jon-Erik Talvio, CGO, On-Time



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