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What is the best application of an automated calling software?

An automated calling software is an effective and functional tool that can open brand new business opportunities, but not in every case. Here's why!


Mar 14, 2022

best application of automated calling software

In many situations, Automated Phone Calls are extremely effective and functional tools that can open brand new opportunities for nearly any type of business. That being said, it should not be used for absolutely everything.

We believe every business should consider the moral and ethical aspects of automated calling before using it. In our terms and conditions, we have also ruled out the applications for which we do not promote the use of our service, such as direct marketing, political advertising or conveying messages that constitute a defamation of character or an infringement on privacy.

Let us now concentrate specifically on the practical point of view and the applications where the benefits of an automated calling software AKA robocalls are particularly evident.

When should I use call robot?

Automated calling software is an excellent tool for conducting mass communication

Incase of a communications crisis, a service failure or some other unexpected event that needs to be distributed fast - an automated calling software can notify all of the customers of the situation almost immediately.

In situations like this, an automated voice message delivered by a calling robot provides the necessary first aid, but when it comes to critical communication, the situation will probably also require other measures like multi channel communication. People will be wanting to ask further questions, and the robot can provide the required instructions to that end. Human contribution will be needed for further measures because it is simply not feasible to anticipate all questions that may arise.

Tasks that require creativity or the ability to think on your feet are still best left to a human.

Robots work most efficiently performing repetitive tasks that can be automated saving human time and efforts for critical tasks. Another benefit here is that the robot will perform the service identically for each person, without leading the respondent in any particular direction. 

However, an automated calling robot only understands what it has been previously programmed with. The robot must have clearly identifiable options to capture and understand customer’s responses. It is also possible to prepare in advance for unexpected situations occurring during a robocall. If the robot faces a surprising situation that it cannot take care of, the call can be redirected to a human counterpart, for example, by asking the customer to press a number key.

Auto call software can aid in various business process automation tasks

  • As an example, a call robot will significantly streamline the work of customer care representatives because it can call customers to perform an advance survey regarding feedback and service requirements.
  • A robot can also book appointments. However, it is of vital importance to remember at this juncture that a robot should not be used for cold calling; customers ideally need to give their consent to a robocall in advance.
  • Based on the same principle, the benefits of a call robot become clearly evident, for instance, during a recruitment process. Candidates who have applied can be preliminarily scanned through by mapping factors relevant for the application via robocalls. On the basis of this, a specific group of applicants can then be invited to face-to-face interviews, saving a significant amount of time and work.

Calling automation is very suitable for any preliminary calls

When it comes to customer service, where dedicated experts handle different topics, a call robot can help to direct customers straight to the right agent. This means that the customer can talk to the right expert straightaway without having to wait in line to talk to the switchboard.

In many other sectors, it is also necessary to perform some kind of preliminary tasks like screening before delivering the actual service – such as making an appointment for the customer. A call robot is practically made for it.

When making an appointment, the robot can suggest available times to the customer in chronological order, and the customer can either accept or reject the time by pressing a number key. Typically, it can be hard to get through to book an appointment due to busy lines, whereas a reservation system manned by a robot will always answer your call. Companies also make the best of multi channel communication for deploying these services for customers.

This form of automated communication is also excellent for sending reminders

A robot doesn't forget anything it has been programmed to remember unlike humans as we are prone to such mistakes. So, an automated reminder can be set for your customers for multiple use-cases like - appointments, payments, updates.

This creates a new and improved customer experienced with modern and mobile-friendly communication channels that helps to reach, engage and activate anytime and anywhere.

In addition to the above, a call-robot deployed by an automated calling software is very suitable for, e.g.

  • sending due date reminders or legal implications for late payments
  • re-booking cancelled appointments
  • customer satisfaction surveys
  • contract renewals,
  • screening interviews for recruitment
  • sharing important customer updates
  • win/loss analysis for sales teams and countless other applications

At its best, an automated calling software application benefits the company and its end customers equally.

The goal is to use the automated call robot to streamline the company’s operations, whilst simultaneously providing the customer with faster and smoother service. It is also worth considering that keeping customers well-informed about the use of the Automated Phone Call robot improves the response results and helps to avoid unnecessary confusion.

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