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How was a call robot used by public sectors in Finland - 4 examples

Check out 4 smart examples of call robot use-cases by noteworthy public sector organisations in Finland.


Aug 15, 2022


Automated callers or call robots as we commonly know, are increasingly used by the private sector to connect with their clients and customers. It helps to improve business efficiency while allowing employees the freedom to focus on critical tasks as it takes over repetitive communication actions.

Currently, the public sector has seen an increase in the adoption of automated phone calls because of its multiple communication benefits. The most common being public research-based use-cases for health-care, feedback analysis, opinion polling among others. Especially, to cater to the public during Covid-19 pandemic.

How are call robots commonly used?

Call robots are computer-automated systems that route and manage incoming or outgoing calls. While they are more popularly seen in use by call centres or customer support teams, they can also be programmed to efficiently cater to outgoing communication needs.

This resolves a common bottleneck experienced by public sectors who need to - share relevant updates and information with citizens, regularly.

They can also be programmed with different greetings and communication flows to direct people to the information they’re looking for. Call robots can be also be used to record feedback from customers to help improve service. 

In this article we have put together a collection of case-stories showcasing smart use-cases of Automated Phone Calls by public sector organisations in Finland and how On-time has supported in building the call campaigns.

Kuhmoisten Municiplity

The municipality of Kuhmoinen called its adult population in the voice of the municipal manager, Anne Heusala. The purpose of the call was to find out how the residents were and whether they required any services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additionally, it shared important updates about the epidemic situation and directed the contact to reach the municipality's helpline if they had questions or needed support. Finally, the robot asked an open question, the answer of which was recorded for further service analysis. According to the municipality, the feedback of the citizens regarding the calls was extremely positive.

Read the full story in Finnish here › Robotti soittaa kuhmoislaisille.

City of Loviisa

Ohjaamo Loviisa is a project realised through funding from the European Social Fund. Coordinated by Ohjaamo, the City of Loviisa conducted a survey to find out how its 1300 young residents were coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to find new ways to ask for information from young municipal residents in the stressful situation of the corona pandemic and to tell them where and how to get help if needed. The call robot that calls the youth of the city of Loviisa spoke with the voice of mayor Jan D. Oker-Blom.

At its best, On-time call robot can make up to 18,000 calls per hour. The target group is therefore reached quite quickly and cost-efficiently.

Read the full story in Finnish here › Loviisa selvittää 1300 nuoren asukkaansa nuorten kuulumisia ensi viikon aikana

City of Riihimäki

The City of Riihimäki launched a call automation trial with the goal to conduct at least 8 different rounds of robocalls during 2020. The objective of the trial was to identify methods to promote new ways of engaging people and to improve the Finnish decision-making system’s ability to reinvent itself.

During the first round, the city mapped issues related to the status, management and effects of the COVID-19 crisis, which was utilised in the further development of the city’s own operations. Compared to similar phone surveys, the number of residents with whom contact was made and who completed the survey is higher than average, during these trials conducted with support of On-time platform.

Read the full case story here Sitra: On-Time surveys wellbeing of Riihimäki citizens

City of Nokia

The City of Nokia reached out to its residents aged 70 years or older using automated phone call campaigns built on On-time platform. The purpose of the call was to ask how the residents were and explain to them where and how they can find assistance, if necessary.

During the call, the contacts could leave a request, which made it possible to connect with them later, as per their need. The automated call was designed to function in the most convenient manner for the elderly citizens. They could talk to the robot normally and respond by pressing a number key or verbally according to the instructions given by the robot during the call.

Read the full story in Finnish here › Robotti soittaa yli 70-vuotiaille nokialaisille


At On-time, we want to make sure that Automated Phone Calls bring genuine value to the organisation and the contact on the other end of the line. So we always encourage smart and relevant uses of robot call system which solves repetitive and time consuming communication needs. Are curious about what other use-cases you can apply call automation for? Check out our blog on the 4 do's and don't of using automated voice technology for businesses

If you want to create similar automated call campaigns or want to experiment with call robots for other business needs connect with our experts today.


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