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Call Automation

What are the benefits of using automated phone calls for business?

Let's talk business! Discover best applications, solutions and benefits of automated phone calls for business to know how it can boost growth.


Aug 17, 2022


Today’s digital landscape demands businesses to find new, innovative ways to reach, engage and activate customers or target audiences for substantial growth. To do so, many businesses are turning to technology-driven solutions to revolutionise their communication, marketing or research strategies.

A phone call as we know is the oldest and most direct method of communication, but it is also the trickiest one when it comes to capturing someone’s attention. If you still think that a phone call is intrusive so shouldn't be used, then you are just limiting yourself!

This is because automated phone calls are an excellent addition to your customer service portfolio. It allows you to be agile with your communication needs and has multiple other benefits which can change your opinions about them. So, keep reading to know more...

  1. What is an automated phone call?
  2. Why should you use automated phone calls?
  3. Benefits of using automated phone calls to grow your business?
  4. Which business operations can benefits from using automated calls?

1. What is an automated phone call?

To begin with let's answer the most obvious question there is - what are Automated Phone Calls?

As the name suggests an automated phone call is a pre-recorded friendly voice message that is sent to your customers and/or contacts via phone. It can be used for a variety of business needs like customer experience survey, payment alerts or reminders, sharing important brand updates, upselling, general communications, HR communication, research among others.

Check out the blog 4 do's and don'ts of automated voice technology, to know about the most suitable and ethical applications of this calling software.

Automated phone calls can be sent in a variety of ways, such as through a voicemail system, an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system or the most popular one - a no-code, cloud-based software solution that can work as a standalone system or integrate with your CRM like On-time.

These systems can be programmed to send messages at a certain time and date, or even in response to certain conditions, such as when a contact has not completed an action.

Automated phone calls can be a great way for your business to stay in touch with customers. However, before you start using them, you must consider the following factors: What is the purpose of the call? - When should the call be sent? - Who is the target audience? - How long should the call be? - How should you end the call? - What tone should be used? - What should be included in the message?

Here are 5 simple tips to start using an automated calls for your business.

2. Why should you use automated phone calls?

There are several reasons why businesses should consider investing in an automated phone call system. Let’s take a look at a few of them

Boosts your reach - Maybe you have been doing fantastic in your local market with your localised customer service department, but have been struggling to reach all contacts internationally because of lack of human or financial resources.

Automated phone calls can be sent out to many people at once in any language you desire, meaning that you can easily increase your customer reach within minutes without any significant investment!
On-time mobile communication platform has the capacity to perform 18,000 automated calls or messages/hour and more than 3 million calls or messages a month. In addition to outperforming a human caller by a ratio of over 2,500 to 1, it is less prone to errors and more resilient than a human.
Create a more welcoming environment - Customers often feel more welcomed when businesses use personalised automated calls. These phone calls can be used to provide customers with information that they may not be able to find on your website. This can help customers feel more comfortable with your business and encourage them to visit more often!
Cost-effective - Automation is cost-efficient, scalable with better ROI. Humans on average can make 8 calls and hour and automated phone calls can reach over a thousand potential contacts within seconds. This alone speaks volumes of the efficiency of call automation.
Easier to track and improve - One of the biggest challenges with face-to-face interactions is a possible conflict. Also, you might still be unsure if your customer has received the information or if they have even listened to you all! With automated phone calls, you can track if people have responded to the message, what they have done after, and how they have reacted to it. This can help you improve your messages and make them more effective in the future.
Accelerates Responses - On-time platform reported an average response rate of 60% from a clientele. Automated phone calls ensure better reach, activation and conversion because it avoids possible human conflicts and negative experiences promoting fast and seamless mobile communications.
AI-powered - If your automated call solutions provider is AI powered you can make best of machine-learning and the historical data at hand to plan your campaigns smartly. On-time supports with strategising such campaigns which can reach your contacts timely to achieve the best response rates.

3. Benefits of using automated phone calls to grow your business

There are multiple benefits of using automated phone calls to grow your business. It helps the organisation to:

Be more efficient - Time is one of the most critical asset for any company in today’s business environment. Automation helps to streamline core business activities while saving time for humans. Similarly, with automated phone calls your brand can keep in touch with your customers as and when required while employees can focus on other important tasks. 

Be more cost-effective - One of the most important benefits of automation which promotes growth fast for all businesses big or small is cost-savings. With automated phone calls, you don’t need any additional staff to keep up your customer communication services.

Read our IPF Digital Case Story to know about the outstanding ROI they achieved with the use of automated phone calls for payment reminders. 

Reach more contacts - As we have mentioned before, automated phone calls can be sent to many contacts at once. This benefit comes handy in crisis communications.

Read this blog to know How call robots are used by Public Sectors in Finland to reach thousands of citizens.

Improve your brand message - When making written content, you can go back and edit it as many times as you want. However, when making a phone call, you can’t go back and change it later on but with automated phone calls, you can try different messages and improve them over time.

On-time let's you build communication flows complimented with SMS messages which can cater to your customers for multiple different use-cases.

Be more customer-centric - Everyone knows customer is the king, right? Well, automated phone calls allow you to treat your customers like they are truly valuable. They allow you to provide useful information that may not be available on your website or social media pages. Nudge them with alerts or reminders at the right time. Ensure all critical touch-points in customers' lifecycle are taken care of with friendly communications powered by modern digitisation. It creates a wholesome experience which makes your customer believe that they are cared for.

Contract Renewals or Churn Prevention - Automate timely and thoughtful check-in with your customers to remind them about ending contracts to boost your churn prevention potential. You can also use automated calls to connect with the sales deals you have lost to survey and analyse potential reasons for lost cases. This can help you improve sales process in the future.  

4. Which business operations can benefit from using automated call?

All businesses can benefit from using automated calling robots since they improve efficiency, allow employees more freedom, improve customer satisfaction with minimum investment. 
However, there are most commonly used by call centre agencies and customer service departments so other business verticals are often skeptical or unfamiliar about its potential.
Through this article we want to burst the myths around this efficient communication tool which allows various business departments to have the freedom to conduct its own operations. Whether it be finance departments for payment reminders, healthcare for wellness communication, HR department for interview screening, research teams for surveys, or customer support for collecting feedback or general communications - the possibilities are endless.


In conclusion, Automated Phone Calls can be a great way to keep in touch with your customers and potential leads. They are effective and efficient, and can be used to deliver many different types of information. It allows your team to function in an agile manner, independently and conduct communication operations in a click!
So, do you want to start using them today?


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