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Boost your customer communication efficiency with enterprise-class business process automation powered by cloud-based, mobile native, multi-channel communication solutions. 

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Introducing On-Time Mobile Communication Platform


Automate mobile-friendly communication channels to boost reach


Optimise engagement powered by AI for smart decision making


Risk free activation in compliance with GDPR and enterprise-class security

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Measurable Results

More Value with Each Engagement

On-Time Mobile Communication Platform is a constantly developing, sophisticated but simple to use SaaS solution with omni-channel functionalities.

With the capacity to perform 18,000 calls or messages per hour and more than 3 million calls or messages a month, the platform is almost ridiculously efficient. In addition to outperforming a human caller by a ratio of over 2,500 to 1, it is less prone to errors and more resilient than a human.

The results are multi-fold with enhanced customer experience and potential to free up workforce for higher value tasks.

Variety of Use Cases for your Business Goals  


Questionnaires, surveys and polls


Onboarding and efficient HR processes


Recruitment processes


Information, bulletins, and communications


Payment reminders and debt collection


Contract renewals and churn prevention


Customer relationship management


Booking resources and meetings

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One More Question: Did You Find This Call Useful?

One More Question: Did You Find This Call Useful?

The key quality metrics of our robocalls are the number of customers who felt the call was useful and minimising the drop-off percentage.

The Battle Between Good and Evil

The Battle Between Good and Evil

Spider-Man's uncle gave his superhero nephew many pieces of advice. The most important was: with great power comes great responsibility.

Robots, Automations and the Future – What Will Happen to Our Jobs?

Robots, Automations and the Future – What Will Happen to Our Jobs?

The utilisation of automation has already been taken to a high level in many sectors. Call robotics is an essential part of this developmen...

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